Auditing & Site Inspections

Compliance Audits

Business owners are normally not aware of all the legal requirements that they need to adhere to when they start a business. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse for non-conformance. Let us help you determine the requirements and comply with them.

Construction Audits

Legally the client must perform a construction audit once per month and provide a report within 7 days of the audit taking place. Ensure you are prepared and let us do a monthly pre-audit to ensure work is not stopped.

ICC Audits

ICC Audits is a standard the Total uses globally to measure the safety performance of their contractors. If they do not achieve a certain level of compliance, they are removed from Total’s Vendor list. This is not something that should be taken lightly. Comply starting today.

SHELL Audits

Prior to on boarding a company SHELL uses a specific audit system in which they vet their contractors. We have assisted multiple companies pass this audit and become vendors of SHELL.

Site Inspections and Report Writing

Let Guerrilla Safety Consultants be your eyes and ears on site by doing random site inspection. Checking that your team members are completing all the required documents daily as they should.

Supplier Vetting / Auditing

Do you make use of sub-contractors? Sub-Contracting work is very risky if you are not used to the specific company. Ensure all the checks have been completed and that the contractor will not leave you in a tight spot. Let us assist you with auditing and managing your sub-contractors.

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