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About Guerilla Safety consultants

We are a Health and Safety Consulting, and Training Company with over 60 years combined industry related experience from Mining, Petroleum, Oil and Gas, Construction and Transport.

Guerrilla Safety Consultants was established in 2016 by industry professionals who identified a gap in the market. We noticed that some organizations were taking advantage of smaller companies by charging excessive amounts of money to provide a service that could have been done for much less leaving the smaller companies non-compliant which leads to work loss.

We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective, seamlessly integrated safety solutions for all organizations small, medium, and large.

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Guerrilla Safety Consultants strives to become an international market leader in specialized risk services to ensure the sustainable HSEQ performance of our Stakeholders

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Guerrilla Safety Consultants aim is to provide enhanced health and safety information together with a pragmatic approach in developing solutions, which enables Employers and organization to become more sustainable.

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